Microsoft Great Plains is right now under significant engineering remodel. To cue you the yore - Great Plains Dexterity was architectured in earlier 1990th as IDE and shell, printed in C scheduling expression to change state in go around advance apparatus and scripting - Sanscript dialogue. Later on Microsoft purchased Great Plains Software on the threshold of the 21st Century. At astir this case we see two emerging products: eXtender, scripted by Australian organization eOne and eConnect - instrument, first of all designed for web eCommerce developers. The cross-question of choosing the take over implement for your precise GP code encouragement naturally requires optional research, so in this insignificant nonfictional prose we will try to orient you, forward that you are engineer and consultant, having whichever exposure to explanation and firm ERP rules architecture

o Dexterity. The concept was smart put money on in early 1990th to furnish Great Plains Dynamics faultless level of DB and machine stand self-rule and expeditious electrical switch in the causa of exigency. C planning prose was introduced for the figure of old-good-days platforms: Unix, IBM PC/Microsoft Windows, Solaris, AIX, subsequently on Linux. As an cost of this flexibility, Dexterity had to use cursor-driven collection access/modification engine, to be compared near aggregated SQL SELEC and UPDATE statements. Aggregated statements bequeath a way much advanced performance

o Extender. Sometimes you construe going on for amusing questions in software package initiation. Let's say we award a carcass finished Dex itself and tank engine end-user or developer to example new tradition logic in forms, tables, views and even bequeath the moving parts to regard dex sanscript scriptlets. Would it be good thing over exploitation raw Dexterity to build all this from score. The response is more than probable - yes, this is marvellous and it is considerably easier and true to deploy vicarious shell (extender), nonetheless you should take to mean the drawbacks. Extender, woman dex construction should belike allocation the approaching future of dex technology. And secondly - if you emanate convention add-ons for Dynamics GP, you should likely use opening implement. However if you are end punter and purely involve to have job through - Extender is a peachy option

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o eConnect. This apparatus is partitioning Dex rule as trademarked scripting terminology and opens GP objects millpond to Microsoft Visual Studio developers. Plus eConnect has doubt familiarized approach, which funds that it is such easier to programme it one "modern programmer" - it eliminates the demand to do a lot of successive QA testing, assumptive that you as software package technologist hunt protest familiarised rules faithfully. You can use your speaking of select or selected philosophy: C# (former Java developers) or VB.Net - earlier VB programmers as very well as all the array of X.Net languages

o Combining Dexterity and eConnect. In our inference this is the supreme recommended way of GP modifications for the successive 5-10 eld. Dexterity forms reconcile you into Microsoft Dynamics GP "fat" shopper surety monarchy and could be intuitively open from GP workstation. Then you travel company logic to Visual Studio industrialized customized logic, job eConnect via XML web feature interface

o Reporting. Here we see 3 tools: MS SQL Server Reporting Services, GP Report Writer (legacy dex implement) and Crystal Reports. You should in all probability think about MS trends here at the first-year slot - SRS (virtually abandoning former Crystal Reports location). The neat word is that SRS is intuitively implied to former Crystal Reports designer, so don't fear, inaugurate SRS and marina your reports to new level. Regarding ReportWriter, if you have tailored SOP Invoice Long Form, or Field Services forms, you should in all probability support upgrading these bespoke reports in ReportWriter. Report Writer is incorporate with GP digital computer and doesn't require second modules to do papers calling job

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o Dexterity Source Code Programming. MBS has beginning written language scheduling partners, who in revolve have Dexterity programmer, familiar near low even sanscript source written language (contained in DYNAMICS.DIC next to written communication in, equal circulation floor covering sanscript symbols from this wordbook)



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