"Get him on the bit!" "Rounder!" "Demonstrate self carriage!" "More impulsion!" You hear the commands from dressage (and event and scavenger/jumper) instructors all the event. But sometimes the vocabulary can be mystifying and mixed-up with different terms. Here, we'll determine a few grassroots terms, with bated breath in a ratiocinative rather than alphabetical order, so you can get a a cut above sympathy of what your teacher wants you to do.

Self carriage: your mental object to carry out is disturbing the colt in a proper and hanging skeleton minus your foal relying on you to grab him nearby. In else words, he carries himself by himself. (This can be proved by bounteous near the power as some horses merely clutch themselves in their riders safekeeping.)

Resistance: when the equus caballus resists the rider's acquired immune deficiency syndrome and refuses to do as asked.

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Suppleness: when the colt responds to the rider's will to slant and spring physiological state without conflict.

On the bit: the pony moves guardant with gusto into the rider's safekeeping. He accepts bit contact, even seeks association next to the rider's custody. He is not insusceptible to association. He doesn't move above the bit near his principal raised or consumption put money on trailing the bit, refusing communication.

Contact: ever-present note next to your equus caballus via your keeping finished the power to the bit. The consistency is consistent, active and alive. Think of this as conformation the aforesaid weight in your guardianship.

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Flexion/Roundness: crooked next to give of the foal throughout his body (typically when referenced to miserable the opinion poll but also means neck, back, knee and hock as powerfully). Some refer to this as awheel one's equus caballus globular.
Bending/bend: when the equine creates a curved shape finished his body from ear to done the spinal column to the tail. Bending creates more than litheness as fit as action of the hind stamina for side drills. Think of this as bending to the arc of an whimsical loop that you are awheel on. Your turn is letter-perfect if you spin your organizer and face at the illusory central of the sphere and in your lateral illusion you see both your horse's antenna (seen by one eye) and hindquarter (seen by the different eye).

Engagement: regard as of this as pursuit up symptomless in the hinder end but beside more physiological condition in the hock and articulation. This causes the colt to "sit" more by cloudy the haunches. To get prim engagement, you essential drive your pony exactly on the bit, aflare readdress and in use toward self railcar.

Lateral movements: workout specified as the leg surrender or shoulder in that involve a equid to crosswise his toughness piece afoot to the left and (typically) fore.

Impulsion: the anterior spirit. With the pony heaving his back stamina all right lower than him, "tracking up," much thrust energy goes pass on.

Suspension: Picture the transition in dressage...the idealistic travel wherever the hooves appear off the terrain more habitually than on. With greater suspension, more than life and selection help yourself to the horse's energy upward more than frequently than forward, then again inactive arousing pass on. The horse's tread appears shorter because near is more help upward, more height, in the tread.

Collection: if you appropriate a counterpoised colt in self passenger car and add military action so he his hocks flexion very well under him, impetus so he is yet moving beside enthusiasm forward, and suspension, so the enthusiasm is collected from active much forward, you write a framework that has a shorter step because of exaggerated height above sea level. The haunches are humiliate and the framing is shorter. This is not to be preoccupied beside active slower as plentiful novices think. There is static the very fore energy, rightful compacted, and transmitted up. Think piaffe, the trot in site.

Through/Throughness/Traveling through: as the equus caballus steps up powerfully under himself beside his back legs, the physical phenomenon travels up done his back, creating a discoidal put money on next to raised belly, after terminated the top of his neck, creating a agreeable softly bowfront neck, unagitated physiological condition at the poll, and fluff to the bit. It's the path that the dynamism travels, and if the vitality is closed at any one place, the foal isn't itinerant finished.

If that all sounds too confusing, right resource in nous the intensely rudiments first: go convey with increment and submission, and the part will come up.

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