Figuring natural life out isn't e'er easy

Sometimes it makes me nauseating and queazy

As it can be excruciatingly disheartening

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While at the very event illuminating

Life is filled of paradoxesability and principles

Not all are in the blink of an eye digestible

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Some go round your tum and seem to be detestable

Dealing near population who are reprehensible

Problematic and incomprehensible

Life beyond any doubt is a challenge

Just trying to keep hold of your psychic stability

Internally have your life-force in tranquility

Sustain yourself financially

While discoveringability and fulfillingability your destiny

Balancing your life relationallyability and professionally

Keeping yourself and all and sundry else happy

That seems look-alike a indisputable impossibility

Yet live beside discontentsability in disharmony

Who whinge and throw a sympathy party

Is a headache unbearable

It makes energy sometimes deplorable

Perhaps I should section a scheme and go global

Say goodby to this nonsense

That seems perplexing and makes no sense

But afterwards in that is the ongoing battle

Between the inevitability for friendliness and privacy

Such contradictionsability are too trying for me

Perhaps in attendance is a piece spiritually

That inside alone will take possession of me

If that is so, than go promptly God Almighty

And cram me next to your wisdom, power, and love

Set my affections and heart on material possession above

For that which I operation beside present below

Is ofttimes naught more than a conceited show

Life is slightly the rat race, e'er on the go

Surely within is more than to this than meets the eye

To get on similar this day by day is to at length cry

Therefore unfurl up the skies and transport your glory

To make known to me your way and revision my energy story

Life's complexitiesability are too more for me

Come soon and alter me

To be the man I ought to be

Or to be for joy easy next to me

Regardless of how others discern around me

Settle my spirit and brand me whole

For the weather condition of duration are fetching their toll

On this puppylike man's priceless soul.

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